About Us

Years before the nutritional effects of gastric bypass surgery were fully known or understood, we were developing our own formulas to combat the deleterious effects of malabsorption and markedly reduced intake of food.

Vitamin deficiency can be a thing of the past, and nutritional optimization a realizable goal for everyone, not just surgical weight loss patients, with WLSVitamins

Everyone at is dedicated to providing you with the best products and service available in the bariatric nutrition industry at the lowest cost possible!



WLSVITAMINS was founded by a renowned bariatric surgeon who got tired of his patients getting nutritional advice from store clerks and others who didn't understand the unique supplement needs and absorptive abilities of his gastric bypass patients. With a background in chemistry, and working with a Nutritional Biochemist, Dr. Jefferson Vaughan developed our line of vitamins, minerals, and protein enriched food products for his own patients, and now they are available to you. You took a big step in getting healthy, let us help you stay that way!

For 25 years, Dr. Vaughan has served our country and his community.  He began his career as a general surgeon in the U.S. Navy, both abroad and at sea onboard the USS Kitty Hawk during Desert Storm.  Closer to home, he was an early adopter of 3D visualization technology, and has trained surgeons all over the country in its use for weight loss surgery.  In addition, he continues to perform advanced, minimally invasive surgery, including many abdominal cancer surgeries, with minimal hospital stays.  In fact, most of his patients are discharged the following day, even after complex bowel resections and reconstructions. He is proficient in surgical oncology (cancer), weight loss surgery, and acid reflux surgery, as well as gallbladder, hernia, and most abdominal operations.  Twenty-five years of experience, wisdom, and judgment means world-class treatment.